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NIPI continues work on developing Export Strategy


Steady progress is being made on the development of an Export Strategy for this country.

The project is being handled by the National Investment Promotions Inc. (NIPI), with assistance from the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva.{{more}}

Anton Said, Senior ITC Officer, on the National Export Strategy Executive Forum, noted that his organization is providing technical assistance by providing capacity building on the methodology for developing a National Export Strategy.

The development of the strategy began months ago when a core team of persons from this country was identified, briefed and trained on the first step for its development.

They have concluded a detailed analysis of what the situation is in terms of the potential for further export development for enhanced competitiveness of the export sector. These findings will be made public during a national symposium with all stakeholders who have an interest in trade development.

More progress has also been made with the development of a response paper which identifies the likely priority sectors that the National Export Strategy will focus on and what the key cross-sectoral issues are likely to be.

A workshop held at the Service Commission’s Conference Room with Said as the facilitator, provided training on the development of individual sectoral strategies and highlighting key cross-sectoral areas that the strategy should address based on this analysis that have already been conducted. The workshop was attended by private and public sector officials.

The Export Development Strategy is intended to provide a focussed way forward in achieving and enhancing international competitiveness and generating growth in the export sector as both enterprises and countries compete with each other in an increasingly globalized environment.