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Digicel awards a valued customer

Digicel awards a valued customer


Digicel wants their customers to feel unique and a supervisor with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Sheffield Cottle of Chauncey, is now the proud owner of an exclusive Gold Dolce & Gabbana Motorola V3 Razr phone.

The lucky Cottle was one of the thousands of Vincentians who sent text messages to win the sleek phone.{{more}}

Expressing satisfaction about his prize, Cottle said, “I just feel fortunate, I got the call from Digicel when I was liming at Heritage Square that I was the winner and I couldn’t believe it. I always use Digicel. They provide excellent service.”

Marketing Executive Juno DeRoche noted that this was Digicel’s way of making their customers feel appreciated, and a way of thanking their customers for their continued support of the company.

Dolce & Gabbana made 1,000 Gold Motorola V3 Razr phones, which were distributed to telecommunications companies throughout the world and Digicel St. Vincent and the Grenadines was fortunate to source one. The Gold Dolce & Gabbana Motorola V3 Razr phone costs some 1,000 Euros and comes with several exclusive Gold Dolce & Gabbana accessories.