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$4,500 in assistance for North Leeward Tourism Association


Digicel is aware of the important contribution that the North Leeward Tourism Association makes towards the country.

The Telecommunications Company handed over a check for $4,500 towards the financing of a workshop to train young people in tourism.{{more}}

Director of the North Leeward Tourism Association Clem Derrick, outlined that the donation assisted in purchasing travel tickets for two of Jamaica’s well known tourism hospitality trainers to come to St. Vincent and the Grenadines so that the young people could learn from experts. He said that some 50 young people who attended the workshop would learn how to sensitize people about the North Leeward community which, he stressed, had some of the best natural sites in the country; notably the Trinity Falls and the Dar View Falls.

The North Leeward Tourism Director said that the training would also improve the confidence of the young tour guides and tourism hospitality workers, while giving them skills to heighten their chances of employment. Derrick mentioned that although the association was focused on training the young people in their community on the various aspects of the tourism sector, they were particularly focused on the Eco-tourism which, he noted, is perfect because of the lush greenery of the North Leeward Community.

Digicel Marketing Executive Juno DeRoche, said her company was pleased to assist in the development of Tourism and the training of young people in the country. She also wished the participants and facilitators the best in their endeavours.

Training for the youngsters commenced on Wednesday, August 2, and will run for 20 days.

The Breadfruit festival will also take place on the August 19 in the North Leeward Community, where numerous herbal and medicinal plants will also be on display.