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Vinsave staff completes training Programme

Vinsave staff completes training Programme


The staff of VINSAVE has just completed a six-week training development programme.

Working under the theme “Building Stronger Work Teams to Better Meet the Needs of Our Children”, staff participated in a series of seminars aimed at improving time and stress management skills, promoting personal enhancement, encouraging creativity and innovation and fostering effective communication among team members.{{more}}

The Vinsave Staff Development Programme (VSDP) was developed by Khadijah Williams-Peters as a part of a project for her internship with the Caribbean Internship Project and UWI, St Augustine. As a component of her Master’s in Social Work Management and Administration, she had to contribute to institutional capacity building at VINSAVE. This she did through coordinating the staff development training (Team building), which also provided information for the evaluation, and further development of the Staff Incentive Programme. “The team building sessions have definitely served to bring staff members closer, and to refocus on the Institution’s mission. They will be better motivated and empowered to serve the children they work with,” says Williams-Peters.

Director of Vinsave Janice Fraser, says: “I am satisfied with the level of training offered by social work intern Khadijah Williams-Peters and the commitment shown by the staff itself. It is now left for them to demonstrate what they have learnt.”

Out of the development programme, a statement of promise was written by the staff to show their commitment to the growth of the organisation.

“The Staff of Vinsave promises to treat the children with love and kindness, honesty and openness at all times. We promise to remain sincere and committed to the children by continuously developing our skills, and promoting a healthy work environment so that we can effectively meet our children’s needs”

All members of the Vinsave staff signed the statement of promise at the completion ceremony of the development programme held on Thursday, July 13 at the Vinsave auditorium.