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Raguette apologizes for late Mas bands


Chairman of the Pankaimas, Hugh Ragguette, has apologised for the late arrival of Mas bands at Victoria Park during last Mardi Gras activities. But he made it clear that the Mas Bands were not solely to be blamed.

Ragguette rehashed the days when Mas men and masqueraders were early, and he decried the tendency of masqueraders nowadays, to get their costumes fitted late.{{more}}

Ragguette was speaking at last Saturday’s prize-giving function at the Cruise Ship Complex in Kingstown.

Ragguette looked at the structural problems faced by some bands as it related to the larger costumes for carnival. He is suggesting that Mas makers pay attention to the physics, so that costumes would be able to withstand the heavy winds, which pervade at Victoria Park during the celebration.

Ragguette praised the Pannists for their creativity and harmony. But he would like to see the Education Ministry give more support to this form of culture.

“We need to get our youngsters involved in this discipline. We have to love what is ours,” Ragguette suggested. The Pankaimas Chairman decried the lack of cooperation from schools as it related to pan. He noted that Mas, and calypso also suffered a lack of recognition at the school level.

Ragguette was happy that this year, calypso staged a “come back” and he is looking forward to a significant celebration for 30 years of Vincy Mas in 2007.

All the major winners during this year’s festival were rewarded for their efforts. These included Calypso Monarch Grantley ‘Ipa’ Constance, Junior Primary and Soca Monarchs ‘Singing Lily’ and ‘Singing Amunik], Best New Song Calypso Winner Derek ‘Man Sick’ Alexander, as well as Mas, Pan, and J’ouvert winners.

The function was marked, however, by the absence of a number of winners. Some of them were abroad, but others apparently were unable to turn up for the event.