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Prime Minister saddened by illness of Cuban President


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves emotionally told SEARCHLIGHT Tuesday, August 1, that he is very saddened at Cuba’s President Fidel Castro’s illness.

The Prime Minister, who was also scheduled to visit Cuba on Tuesday to get a few days rest and to discuss business matters, has postponed his trip until next week.

“Having a frenetic pace, all of us are human beings. It’s sad that he has gotten ill,” said Dr. Gonsalves a close ally of Castro.

Dr. Gonsalves further stated: “For a person like him who works very hard it must have been a very serious condition for him to hand over power.

“I wish him very well and a speedy recovery,” said Dr. Gonsalves adding, “He has left the government in extremely capable hands”.

“The Revolution is institutionlized. It will continue,” said Dr. Gonsalves.