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Green Party protests against land sale to foreigners

Green Party protests against land sale to foreigners


by Shayne Alexander

“SVG Green Party will repossess all lands sold to foreigners!” This warning has come from the leader of SVG Green Party Ivan O’Neal, as he staged a one-man protest outside the National Complex on Monday, July 31, 2006.

The protest was staged to coincide with a meeting between Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, and the People’s Action Alliance of Bequia at Cabinet Room to discuss the matter of the selling of lands to foreigners.{{more}}

“The sale of crown lands to foreigners is the second phase of colonialism and betrayal of our national heritage,” O’Neal stated. He also thinks that the country needs a Land Commission. He said that this Commission would regulate the selling of lands instead of leaving the matter for the government to decide.

“What we in the Green Party want to do is to make it a matter of public awareness. If you don’t stop and look at it now, it would be too late,” O’Neal said.

If these protests do not have any effect, the Green Party, whenever elected, plans to pass legislation in Parliament to ban the sale of crown lands.