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NCH’s ‘Working with Adolescent’ Workshop opens at Marion House

NCH’s ‘Working with Adolescent’ Workshop opens at Marion House


by Shayne Alexander

The National Children’s Home (NCH) will host the “2006 SVG Working with Adolescent Course” from July 24 to August 18 at Marion House.

At the official opening ceremony held on Monday, July 21, Philcol Jeffers, in his opening remarks welcomed all in attendance. He, also, congratulated all the participants taking part in the program, and stated that the course would give them a brand new look at how they view children.{{more}}

Hulbert Blackette, NCH Senior Manager in Barbados, also gave an address to the participants. He outlined the basic purpose of the program, and stated some of the benefits, which will be derived from the course. He exclaimed: “It’s four weeks of work, but also four weeks of fun!”

Blackette also stated that the course would teach participants “more things that can better prepare you to deal with constant problems of adolescents”.

University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies Representative Dr. Paul Lewis disclosed that naturally a lot of people have problems with interacting with young people, but this training would help them to deal with the problem.

Some of the topics that would be discussed during the course are matters relating to drug abuse, crime and violence, teen pregnancy, adult crimes against minors and others.

There will also be a session to specifically deal with the CSME. During the course, participants will be required to work on a project.