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Digicel selects 10 for Rising Star


Who will be the next Digicel Rising Star?

That’s the question being asked and will soon be answered when Digicel cell phone users send text messages to vote for their favourite singer.

The 10 finalists are: {{more}}Kyron Baptiste, a 22-year-old entertainer from the Grenadine Island of Bequia; Patrice Bascombe, a 19-year-old student of Arnos Vale; Jillian Charles, a 29-year-old self employed Bay Hill resident; Nicholas Duke, an 18-year-old journalist of Glen; Edwin “Son-J” Johnson, a herbalist in his early 30s; Stacy Lyttle, a 23-year-old typist clerk of Paul Over; Danielle Ollivierre, a 21-year-old student of Sion Hill; Jason Providence, a 21-year-old musician of New Montrose; Nerissa Sandy, a radio announcer of Lowmans Leeward and Danielle Veira a 16-year-old student from Mckies Hill.

The first audition took place on Saturday, July 22, at the Peace Memorial Hall where some 110 persons auditioned and just over 40 were selected. On Sunday, July 23, the judges narrowed down the talent to 10 finalists making them eligible to become the next Digicel rising Star.

Meanwhile, Public Relations Manager for Digicel Eastern Caribbean, Jerry George noted that while last year there were many more entrants, the talent this year is just as high.

George explained, “ The competition last year was held in an open atmosphere at Villa Beach and this seemed to have encouraged many more people to come out instead of to the enclosed Peace Memorial Hall where auditions were held this year.”

He continued, “Perhaps the outdoor effect allowed for more spontaneity, and going into the Peace Memorial Hall may have been a little bit more intimidating. We feel that the persons that came in to audition were serious, and this is a great opportunity for persons who think that they have a talent to win a cash prize of US $10,000, a management and also publishing contract.”

The Public Relations Manager, however, criticized persons who had the talent and did not show up, for not making use of the opportunity.

George remarked, “This would have been a great chance for them to move ahead, so I give credit to anyone who stands up in front of a camera and sings. This is an easy way for anyone to catapult into stardom. We have a great slate of judges in Vynette Frederick, a talented performer and lawyer, and two very gifted musicians and producers in Brian Alexander and Adrian Bailey.

Last year’s winner Kiokya Cruickshank won US$10,000, two airline tickets with Virgin Airline to England and an opportunity to record a single.