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White takes home $10,000 from C&W

White takes home $10,000 from C&W


Mary White was very surprised on July 17th to find out that she was the bMobile’s $10,000 prize draw winner. When the call came last Saturday from bMobile, White said that she wasn’t excited or even bothered, because she was just told that she had won a prize and thought that it probably was just a t-shirt. {{more}}Upon entering the store on that day and seeing the b Mobile girls and Starlift Steel Orchestra and members of the press, she said that she felt slightly anxious and just wanted to know what the prize was. She wasn’t aware of what her prize was until the cheque was handed over to her. After the ceremony White said: “I feel great”, and she extended thanks to bMobile and Cable & Wireless. When asked what she was going to do with the money the prize winner said: “I think I’ll do some shopping.”

White is from Cane End, and is a regular top up customer. She topped up her phone with $20 on June 23.