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Teachers Union talking tough

Teachers Union talking tough


The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union is ensuring that their Collective Agreement with the Ministry of Education is followed to the ‘letter’.

Union President Otto Sam echoed his institution’s position when he addressed the opening of the Annual Teacher In-Service Training Workshop. Sam was not pleased with what he cited as a “unilateral policy shift by the Ministry of Education as it relates to leave.”{{more}}

He pointed out that, “We will never accept any violation of the Collective Agreement whereby all/most teachers are given 72 days leave especially in August.”

Sam outlined that with 55 days of the holidays in July/August, in effect 17 days would be left for the teacher.

According to Sam: “The Union has already written to the Chief Personnel Officer and the Ministries of Education and Labour to address the concern.”

The SVGTU also expressed concern about the increase in violence in the schools. The Union plans to look at the causes of the outbreak and possible solutions.