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Funeral home refutes claim of dumping dead body

Funeral home refutes claim of dumping dead body


Proprietor of the Everready Funeral Home, Cedric Mills, is refuting claims that his staff recently dumped a dead body that the funeral home was asked to return, in front of the mortuary.

This accusation was been made by New Haven, a rival funeral home.

Ganis DaSilva, Manager of New Haven, told SEARCHLIGHT that last week her funeral home was asked to collect a body at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, but was denied the request as a death certificate was not prepared yet.{{more}} She said that by the time the funeral home had received the document the deceased was already transferred to Everready Funeral home.

Mills on the other hand told SEARCHLIGHT that a call was made to his funeral home, asking him to collect a particular corpse. However, it was returned to the mortuary and transferred to another stretcher, After he received information that a request was also made to transfer the body to New Haven.

Mills said that he did not mind returning the body because his funeral home receives more requests than the competitor, but nothing of that sort of dumping of the body took place.

DaSilva said her workers could have left the body there for the family to see, but felt leaving it in the sun might have caused it to deteriorate.

She claims that this is not the first time her funeral home has been denied a corpse that has been assigned to it, and it was just a matter of time before the issue escalated.

Mills told SEARCHLIGHT the issue has been blown out of proportion because of a previous incident involving a woman.

“This is a personal matter and she is only making noise because of the incident,” said Mills.

Sources told SEARCHLIGHT the matter was reported to the hospital administration.