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Tameaka is Public Speaking champion

Tameaka is Public Speaking champion


by Shane Alexander 14.JUL.06

“Why is it important to care for our environment?” This was the theme for the 2006 Literacy Enrichment Public Speaking Competition Finals that was held on Thursday, June 29, 2006. The competition’s venue was at the Methodist Church Hall, Kingstown.

Temeaka Cuffy (inset), who was the representative for the Barrouallie Anglican, won the competition that saw seven schools participating. The competition opened with Education Officer, Cecil Charles welcoming all in attendance to the event. He also gave the audience an overview of the competition, and its different participants.{{more}} Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan, also addressed the participants and those in attendance. Dougan expressed to the finalists how important literacy is in the society. She, however, also expressed her disappointment in the level of participation in this year’s competition. She appealed to the schools for them to put more interest in these programs, because “This is the only way to make these programs successful.”

The students made two speeches. The prepared speech and an impromptu speech. The audience was amazed at the level of confidence the participants displayed. In the end, Temeaka Cuffy, took the award for the Best Prepared Speech. Cenus Hinds, who was the only male participant, took the second position and third went to Shannese John who represented the Greggs Government. In the Impromptu section, first place went to Sherry-Ann Ollivierre who represented the Calliqua Anglican School. Second place went to Ronique John of the Barrouallie Government and Cenus Hinds was adjudged third.

The overall standing, however, saw Shennese John taking the third position. Cenus Hinds second. Other students also received award for their achievements in different areas of the public speaking in the preliminary stages of the competition.