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‘Miss Carival could have been better’

‘Miss Carival could have been better’


Chairperson of the Beauty Shows Committee Cheryl Rodriquez is of the opinion that some of the glitches with sound and lighting at the Miss Carival pageant last Friday night needed to be worked on to improve the overall production of the show.

Rodriquez who spoke with Searchlight Newspaper after the show expressed some disappointment with some of the long breaks due to the technical difficulties, but commended the contestants for working through to the end.{{more}}

She admitted that having Introduction, Swimwear, Evening Wear and Interview segments contributed to the pageant being lengthy, but noted that with 14 contestants it was expected.

She, however, pointed out that the six and a half-hour show also became extremely tedious because of the guest performances, but noted that the performances were necessary to give the contestants enough time to change for the next segment.

She took time to thank all the delegates for participating and congratulated Bruno for winning the pageant. The Beauty Shows Committee Chairperson also extended gratitude to persons who worked behind the scenes to ensure that the contestants were prepped and ready for the show.