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Blondie Bird Queen wins with ‘Teaser’

Blondie Bird Queen wins with ‘Teaser’


Simone Richardson with her depiction ‘Teaser’ from the band Guinness Blondie Bird and Friends took the 2006 Queen of the Band title. She beat Digicel Nelson Block’s Shaunelle Mckenzie into second. Shaunelle portrayed ‘Temptation of the Maat’ from the band’s presentation Conquerors.

Third place went to WE FM Singer Lynx’s Abracadabra through their representative Samantha Llewellyn with a depiction ‘Tinker bell.’{{more}}

Other competitors were Verlene Ralph who displayed ‘Goddess of war’ from Harris Paints Owen Ralph and the Professionals, Michelle Smith from Heineken Dragons who portrayed ‘Earth Wind and Fire,’ Cheryl Hornsey from Aunt Jobe’s Market High Voltage with her costume ‘Paradise,’ and Roxanne Quashie from ‘My Imagination’ with her portrayal ‘Beauty in the heart of love.’

Former Queen of the Band Jacintha Ballantyne from KFC SVG Players International with her presentation from History of the Band did not live up to her expectation.

Patricia Davis with her costume ‘Caribbean unity’ from Beautex International was on the parade as well as Rachel Roberts from Pepsi Melbourne Artisans’ ‘Mama dis is Mas.’