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Principal: We must guard students from being marginalized

Principal: We must guard students from being marginalized


Principal of the St.Vincent Grammar School, Hilton Browne, at his school’s Prize Giving and Graduation Ceremony issued a reminder to those concerned that amidst the presence of anti-social behaviour of some students at the school, efforts must be made to guard against them being marginalized.

Browne, who took the helm of the school just under three years ago, on Tuesday, July 4, explained that the consequences for society are too dire to contemplate if this is done.{{more}}

At the time his address was delivered at the St. George’s Cathedral, His Excellency the Governor General, Sir Frederick Ballantyne, senior officials of the Ministry of Education, other Government and Opposition members as well as parents of students attending the St.Vincent Grammar School were in the audience.

Browne noted that, paradoxically, the ones most in need of the benefits that the St.Vincent Grammar School can offer are the ones that seem to reject it the most.

“The CXC CSEC results continue to show that the St.Vincent Grammar School is a school of two cultures: Students who have a positive attitude for the school to do well, while there are those who do less well, reject the school, its traditions and lawful authority,” said Browne.

Browne was happy to speak about his school’s achievements. He noted that last year 116 students wrote the CXC CSEC examination with an overall pass rate of 83 per cent. He added that there was a marked improvement in the number of grade ones, up from 88 to 138. Two students Troy Eustace and Cory Compton, got 11 subjects, while five students, Andre Browne, Laurence Charles, Kai Martin, Shaun Saunders, and Cornelius Williams obtained 10 subjects, and 12 students obtained nine subjects.

He said significant subject areas include Chemistry – 92 per cent passes, English Language – 92 per cent, Principles of Accounts-91 per cent, Social Studies – 100 per cent, Integrated Science-100 per cent, Principles of Business – 95 per cent and Information Technology – 91 per cent.

Crown Counsel, Saboto Caesar, had the honour of delivering the feature address.

“What does the 4th of July 2006 mean to you?” Caesar asked the graduating class of 2006 as he added, “I see a victory over ignorance”.

Caesar challenged the students to continue rising, not only to overcome the obstacles that they can see but those of the unknown.

He also challenged the young males to keep abreast of the news. He said the majority of young males are hardly paying attention to the news and this is hindering them.

Additionally, Caesar warned the students not to allow a minority of troublemakers to drag them into backwardness as he implored them to pass their knowledge on to people in their community who are not as privileged to have an education like them.

“I see a great day coming for us as youths but we must be eager for success,” said Caesar as he appealed to the students to let the pursuit for excellence be their guide.

Keisean Stevenson, a Science student had the distinction of being named the valedictorian for 2006.