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Go-fast boatman shot by Coast Guard


The police are hoping to pursue charges against a man that was shot on board a go-fast boat by the Coast Guard.

At a news conference on Friday, June 30, Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller, told the media that the man is nursing injuries at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.{{more}}

Miller stated that three Vincentian men were on board the go-fast boat on Monday, June 26, when the incident happened.

The Commissioner outlined that the information he had received stated that the men were told to surrender and were given certain instructions. But while two obeyed, the third, who was later identified as the captain,

bent down and rose up again. Miller said the Coast Guard opened fire as a precautionary measure.

Miller stated the incident stemmed from the Coast Guard’s response to information received from Barbados pertaining to certain criminal activities.

“We have to stop these go-fast boats who believe that they can come in our waters and shoot at the coastguard,” said Miller. He disclosed that on several occasions Coast Guard officers were shot at while patrolling the waters of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Miller added that, recently, seven Venezuelans nationals were arrested in our waters after they were instructed to stop and refused to do so.

“From all information they shot at the coast guard and our coast guard officers had to take out or make their engines dysfunctional to get them to stop,” said Miller explaining that the men were convicted in court for certain offenses.

“This is how serious it is on the sea out there. This is why we want the support of Vincentians. When you see certain activities call us,” said Miller.

He promised that the police will be stepping up on its vigilance both at sea and on land.

“We want to stop what is happening between Barbados and St.Vincent with these go-fast boats. We want to stop what is happening between St. Vincent and St. Lucia on these go-fast boats. We want to stop what is happening between St. Vincent and Grenada and Trinidad with these go-fast boats,” Miller stated.