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South Rivers Methodist School receives books

South Rivers Methodist School receives books


On Friday, June 23, a quantity of books were handed over to Ralston McDowall, Principal of the South Rivers School, by Peace Corps worker, Ryan Brooks. Brooks is presently attached to the South Rivers community specializing in community work.

Brooks in his presentation informed the gathering that collection of the books is being coordinated by his mother and sister in the USA.{{more}} He said that books would be coming on a continual basis and there is a possibility of the school receiving other assistance. Principal Ralston McDowall expressed his gratitude to the Peace Corps worker for offering his support for the school’s library project and assured him that the pupils and teachers would make full use of the books to ensure that literacy at the school would improve.

The library was officially opened on February 3. So far the school has received over 1,000 books suitable for levels ranging from Grade K to Grade 6. Present at the handing over ceremony was Tyrone Burke, Senior Education Officer for Primary Schools.

Burke also addressed the students and expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of Education of SVG.