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Policewoman wins best recruit for 2006

Policewoman wins best recruit for 2006


PC 613 Nevris Samuel has etched her name in this country’s records. Her name can be found on the record board at the Old Montrose Police Station. on the list of Best Recruits. The list has been kept since training began there in 1979. Samuel, from the South Central Windward district of New Prospect is basking in the glory of her new-found status. But she will keep focussed on obtaining a degree in Law.{{more}}

Samuel was the toast of last Tuesday’s 25th Passing Out Parade at the Old Montrose Police Station. Samuel was adjudged Best at Psychology, Best at Police Duty Subjects, Best Recruit and received the Dr. Cecil Cyrus Trophy as well as the Baton of Honour and Commissioner’s Trophy.

A former Community College student, Samuel seems set for a career in the constabulary. She did History and Sociology at the Community College.

Asked why she enlisted with the Police Force, Samuel said: “I wanted to help in the detection and prevention of crime.”

A former Marriaqua Secondary School and New Prospect Infant School student, Samuel described it as a “great experience transforming from civilian to military life.”

She added: “I would like to do my best by using my knowledge and skills to help prevent crime.”

Samuel paid tribute to all the instructors. She cited the training as valuable to her character and stated: “We learnt to adjust. It made me a disciplined person.”

She was joined on the awards list by PC 349 Kimroy Louie who was Best at Evidence Procedure and Self Defence, PC 707 Benjamin Wilson: Best Rifle Shot and Military Subjects, and PC 303 Jerod Isaac: Most Disciplined and Best turned-out recruit.

PC 365 Patricia McDonald was Best at Drills, PC 353 Elroy Mason: Best at Physical Training, PC 178 Jamarlo Cato Best at Sociology, and PC 79 Casroy Baptiste: Best Pistol Shot.

PC 126 Dinel Bradshaw was best at Multi-Disciplined Subjects, and PC 449 Fitzbert Patterson was Most Improved Recruit.