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Mustique workers bent on improvement

Mustique workers bent on improvement


Workers on the Grenadine Island of Mustique are taking advantage of training opportunities.

They are making use of the facilities provided by the Mustique Community Computer Education Programme, through the auspices of the Mustique Education Trust.

Last year, Bentley Campbell shared the Most Improved Award with Gloria Durrant. This year, his reward was for Most Dedicated student. He eclipsed persons like Aysha Williams, Debbie Caine, Maderna Cupid and Paul Francis.{{more}}

This year, the Most Improved Award went to Joel John, with Bernadette Joseph, Eileen Wilson, Gloria Durrant and Jacqueline Lewis all getting honourable mention.

The Academic Excellence Award was shared between Sheneal Liverpool and Madonna John.

Roland Cato, took the Academic Excellence Introductory award, while Lolita Trimingham did the feat in the Intermediate section. But perhaps the toast of the evening was Kelorn Carr in the Advanced section.

She beat Bentley Campbell, Nile Jackson and Wade Patterson for the reward.

But the high point of the evening came with the draw for a laptop computer. Melissa Joseph, a librarian in the programme, won that.