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Mountain Top Spring Water set to flow

Mountain Top Spring Water set to flow


Mountain Top Springs Ltd., bottlers of premium spring water in the region, has taken steps to ensure that it becomes a regional household name.

Mountain Top has successfully entered yet another Caribbean market. They have partnered with Deco Industries 1990 Ltd. of Grenada to introduce Mountain Top Spring Water to that country. Mountain Top is expected to be on supermarket shelves in Grenada early next week.{{more}}

Kenneth DaSilva, Financial Comptroller of Mountain Top Springs Ltd views this move as “A distinct opportunity to aggressively pre-empt the CSM.”

Mountain Top is well poised to successfully implement this aggressive strategy as it is the only regionally bottled water that is produced to international standards.

The product has earned HACCP certification. Mountain Top is already exporting to many other Caribbean countries including St. Lucia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, St.Kitts/Nevis and Carriacou.

Edwin DeCaul, Managing Director of Deco Industries 1990 Ltd. expressed confidence in the product. He says: “Mountain Top Spring Water is as good as any bottled water that I have tasted. The quality and the taste are excellent”. He further added that “anticipation is high as many Grenadians are familiar with the product. They are impressed by its quality, and welcome its introduction into Grenada”.

Deco Industries 1990 Ltd has been operating in Grenada for the last 45 years. They are the owners of the largest Texaco Service Station on the island. They also manufacture T-shirts for local consumption and export. And they import merchandise, particularly bottled water and soft drinks from North America for distribution in Grenada.

DeCaul feels that the time has come for his company to seek more local and regional suppliers, especially in light of the CSM. It is a perspective that Mountain Top’s Kenneth DaSilva fully supports. He believes that “the CSM should not be seen as a threat, but as a timely opportunity to spread out into the region”.

Mountain Top Springs Grenada Ltd will have a full launch in Grenada at the end of July. This will be preceded by the opening of the Grenada office and initial promotions to be conducted by a sales team from the Kingstown Head Office. The team will be headed by Felix Antoine, Sales and Marketing Manager, and include Cleo Jones Huggins, Public Relations Officer.