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Government to introduce incentive scheme for public officers


Government has adopted a position paper on the introduction of an incentive scheme for Public Officers.

This was disclosed on Monday, June 26, by Minister responsible for the Public Service, Selmon Walters at the opening of a five-day workshop on Public Sector Reform, at the Service Commissions Department.{{more}}

According to Minister Walters this incentive program makes provision for EC$11,000 where ministries, departments and individual officers will be eligible for awards.

“It is incentive to encourage the lifting of the standards of performance and to make sure the people performing are awarded,” he said.

The proposed prizes are 1st prize – $5,000, 2nd – $3,000, 3rd – $2,000 and 4th prize – $1,000 for the outstanding individual, department or Ministry.

Minister Walters also took the opportunity to commend the National Commercial Bank and Treasury for improvements in their delivery of service.

He noted that for some months, there had been complaints about these two departments but currently, there have been some improvements.

He further noted that the feeling that the public has come to bother you must be something of the past, “We must do our duty and do it to the best of our ability,” the minister said.

During the working sessions participants will look at reform in context; good governance issues; civil service international analysis, and conflict management among other areas.

The workshop, which was facilitated by Hernando Aguilera – Director of Strategy Civil Service Unit, Ministry of Public Administration in Mexico began on Monday, and ends today.