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Floating book ship Logos II docks in SVG again

Floating book ship Logos II docks in SVG again


As he officially welcomed the Logos II to St Vincent at the official reception held last Tuesday, June 27, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves informed the staff of the “floating book fair” that belief in the “Supremacy of God” and the “Freedom and dignity of men” are the bedrock principles on which our constitution is built and is so enshrined in the preamble of it.

Suggesting that more books would be sold than in any of the ship’s previous visits, the Prime Minister thanked the ship’s crew for coming at this time, informing them that as a nation we are in the midst of an education revolution.{{more}} The Logos’ book exhibition has more than 4000 different titles of educational and Christian literature.

The Logos II was built in 1968 and first named “Antonio Lazaro”, but was purchased by OM Ships International in 1988 to replace the original Logos, which ran aground in a storm off the coast of Argentina earlier that year. The word Logos is Greek, meaning “The Word”

The ship is said to promote international understanding and worldwide education and operates under the motto “Bring Knowledge, Help and Hope” and with it’s 200 volunteer staff from 50 different countries, has been showing God’s love to people in need by offering practical aid.

In 2004, after the savagery of Hurricane Ivan, Logos II helped bring relief to the devastated island. Small teams went weekly from the ship into Grenada to help reconstruct houses. They also raised more than $30,000 for relief work and supplies in that island.

Ship’s Director, Gian Walser of Switzerland told those gathered at the reception that the crew is excited to be in St Vincent for this its sixth visit. He expressed gratitude for the cooperation they have received when scheduling problems in Martinique forced them to bring forward their St Vincent stop from the scheduled July dates to this new time. Walser stressed the ship’s mission which goes beyond the popular book fair stating that they intend to bring hope in Christ to all.

The Logos 11 is expected to be docked at the Cruise Ship berth in Kingstown and be opened to the public for 12 days ending on July 08. Special youth programmes on Fridays are among a number of other programmes for the entire family being hosted aboard the ship.

Various primary schools groups visited the ship on, Thursday 29, and today Friday 30 for special cultural and educational programmes.

The visit of the Logos 11 is sponsored by Cable & Wireless, C&R Enterprises and the National Commercial Bank.