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Computer training for Mustique workers

Computer training for Mustique workers


Basil Charles is considered “the everything” as far as Mustique is concerned.

He is owner of Basil Bar and Restaurant, the nerve centre in Mustique.

Any community activity in Mustique would most likely take place at the internationally-renowned Basil’s Bar and Restaurant.{{more}}

The Mustique Blues Festival started there, and has evolved into a national event.

Last Saturday, Basil’s Bar and Restaurant was the scene of another celebration. That time it was the second graduation of the Mustique Community Computer Education Programme, an activity that has the blessings of the Mustique Educational Trust (MET). Inevitably, Charles is the driving force behind the formation of that unit.

The MET ensures that all workers on the resort isle get familiar with computer usage.

Over two years ago, Charles procured the services of former Peace Corps Volunteer Charles Scrase who laid the foundation for the MCCEP and has ensured that the legacy continues. Mustique librarian Natasha Joseph stepped up to the plate and has taken on full time responsibility for its continuation.

Last Saturday’s graduation ceremony came off in typical Mustique fashion. Basil Charles was in a jovial mood, applauding the successful workers and encouraging them to press on. He enjoys seeing the workers advance as if their achievement were his own.

“We’re lucky to be able to put this programme together,” Charles said. He traced the origins of the programme and paid compliments to Scrase.

Mustique has become a satellite training Centre of the National Institute of Technology for persons acquiring their International Computer Drivers Licence (ICDL).

So far, over 600 workers have taken advantage of the computer programme, and 20 of them have progressed to the ICDL stage.

Lavinia Gunn, speaking on behalf of the Mustique Company, praised Charles for his vision and patriotism and congratulated the 600 persons who have enrolled in the programme.