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Anita Charles meets PM


Minister Anita Charles and her husband Dennis had an audience with Prime Minister Ralph Gonsavles recently and discussed this nation’s spiritual future and the need for the Ten Commandments to be placed in strategic places.

Charles who recently held a grand motorcade and rally dubbed “Christianize the culture” told SEARCHLIGHT that she was acting on direct orders from God who instructed her “go to the heads of countries and start with your own.”

Charles said that the Prime Minister shared his disgust with nations like the United States who are continuously seeking to pull down the Ten Commandments from the walls of their various institutions. Charles said that she is convinced that there is a battle waging between those for and those against God.

The Florida-based ministry/couple have already distributed close to 1000 posters with the Ten Commandments and was pleasantly surprised that no one turned them down when the distribution was made. These posters have been posted at schools, churches, business houses and the police headquarters. Charles told SEARCHLIGHT that she hopes to heighten peoples’ awareness of the need for God and help to reduce the magnitude of crime.