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Suzey Davis wins Courts Big Game Draw

Suzey Davis wins Courts Big Game Draw


Suzey Davis of Barrouallie is the lucky winner of a $100 voucher in the Courts “Big Game” draw.

On Tuesday, June 20, Davis was among some 30 persons who were invited into the Courts Department store to view the World Cup soccer match, Paraguay versus Trinidad and predict the result of the match.{{more}}

Confessing that she was just there to accompany her husband, Davis admitted that she did not feel confident about Trinidad being able to score goals, hence her prediction.

Courts Country Marketing Officer, Alexis Harry said the promotion dubbed “Match of the Day” is just their way of giving back to the public. He pointed out that his company gave persons the opportunity to sit and relax in air-conditioned comfort to view the games on big screen TV’s.

Harry explained, “You don’t have to be a customer, there is no purchase necessary. All you need to do is come and watch the game and be a part of it and enjoy a refreshing beverage on the house. But we also want you to predict the results of the game to win a $100 Courts voucher.”

The Marketing Officer also encouraged loyal customers who make purchases at the store to play the “Identify the Missing Country Flag” game.

In this game, persons have to guess which country’s flag was missing from the 32 balls in the display area.

The draw will take place on July 7th and the lucky winner will receive $500.00 in cash.