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Post workers prepare for new postal environment

Post workers prepare for new postal environment


Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Louis Straker has called on Postal organisations in the region to be prepared to grapple with the twin challenges of technology and competition if they are to advance and function in today’s changing environment.

Speaking at the opening of the 10th Annual Conference of the Caribbean Postal Union (CPU) at the Methodist Church Hall on Monday June 12, Sir Louis pointed out that changes in stakeholders in the postal service must be considered in the development of any meaningful strategies for the postal sector.{{more}}

According to Sir Louis, globalisation, an increase in urbanisation rates, the emergence of direct competition in national markets from non-postal operators and technological alternatives were among some of the chief reasons for change in the postal services.

“Today’s post is much more than letters; technology has spiralled at an alarming pace and globalisation and liberalisation have mushroomed bringing with them more competition in services and increased expectation and needs of customers,” Sir Louis acknowledged.

The Foreign Affairs minister told the CPU delegates that the new and competitive environment in the postal market requires high performance in all the departments of the postal sector.

He noted that determining methods and sources for generating revenue, while preparing the workforce for competition would be the task of the CPU in the new postal environment.

According to Sir Louis the CPU has already positioned itself to function in the new environment.

“The focus (of the CPU) over the past eight years surely demonstrates strategic direction, which if followed through and implemented, will all go well for the region’s postal sector.

“We have certainly come to grips with the fact that traditional functions of the post are no longer adequate to meet the demands of a new and dynamic postal environment,” Sir Louis said.

According to Sir Louis, the transformation of postal services into commercial businesses is gradually evolving “as we witness various strengths of reform efforts and increased use of technology.”

With this in mind, modernisation and reform, he noted, are now imperatives for the region’s postal sector.

The Postal Union Conference will conclude here later today after regional ministers wrap up their plenary session, which entails reviewing the outcome of a Postmasters General/Directors of Post session held earlier in the week.