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Guardsman embarks on recruitment drive

Guardsman embarks on recruitment drive


A number of job opportunities were highlighted last week Friday by Guardsman St. Vincent and the Grenadines Limited as they held a recruitment drive and security programme in Kingstown under the theme, “Changing the public view of private security in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

The goal of the programme was to recruit between fifty and hundred persons between the ages of eighteen and forty-five.{{more}}

Human Resources Officer, Annetta Antoine told the SEARCHLIGHT that the program adds a whole new dimension to the security service. “This is something new and very exciting, we take our things seriously,” said Antoine. She also said that there is no limit where you can reach in GUARDSMAN.

DVD’S, brochures and magazines were made available to the general public and any person interested in joining the GUARDSMAN service. The drive by the GUARDSMAN started three weeks ago, with whistle-stops around the island. A series of television advertisements and radio announcements were made to sensitize the public also.

Senior Guard, Cindy Ryan said that there were more females than males interested in joining the GUARDSMAN. She strongly urged Vincentian men to join the organisation, as there are many benefits to be derived.