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CRC examines recall option


The Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), strongly considered including a recall mechanism in their constitutional reform proposal but was not able to overcome an element of great concern.

According to CRC’s Chairman, Parnel Campbell, the commissioners discussed the topic at length in their deliberations. A recall mechanism will make it possible for a parliamentary representative to be recalled if their conduct is found wanting or if they are found to be neglecting their responsibilities by a predetermined percentage of their constituents.{{more}}

Campbell, speaking at a consultation with practitioners in the print media last Tuesday, June 13 at the House of Assembly chambers said that the commissioners were concerned that such a mechanism could open the door for opposition parties to trigger unjustified harassment of the Government.

“The opposition could wait for any opportunity presented by a member of parliament, get the required signatures and keep the Government busy answering recall charges throughout their term in office,” explained Campbell. He stressed the concern that a representative going through a wave of unpopularity could become a perfect target for a recall campaign.

While not ruling out such a measure if the right framework could be ironed out, CRC Chairman said that his commissioners felt that they needed to be careful not to open up opportunities for political vindictiveness.