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Youth For Christ in need of money

Youth For Christ in need of money


Youth for Christ needs money urgently if it is to continue being a youth organization of “merit and worth”, as it was recently described by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

At a recent Unity Labour Party youth convention, Dr. Gonsalves told his young supporters that they should work more closely with the Youth for Christ organization “to get many important things done especially in areas of social work and culture”. But Fidel Taylor, Chairman of the Local Youth for Christ (YFC) while very pleased with the Prime Minister’s words of accreditation is asking for a greater, more tangible show of appreciation and acknowledgement of YFC’s work.{{more}}

“Over the last five years we have written to Government and have had audiences with the Prime Minister requesting a subvention to assist us in the construction of our multi purpose youth centre,” declared Taylor in a recent interview with the SEARCHLIGHT. According to Taylor, the organization is still awaiting a response.

The long-serving chairman was referring to the $1.5 million, three-storey building being constructed at Murray’s Road which is expected to house among other things a counselling centre, a feeding programme for the homeless, a radio ministry and a restaurant and entertainment centre for youths. Youth for Christ also hopes to operate a free medical clinic, soliciting the services of local Christian doctors along with overseas-based missionary doctors.

The excavation work, bridge to the property and foundation have already been completed to the tune of some $200,000, and now Taylor is saying that the help is urgently needed. In his speech the Prime Minister said that Youth for Christ has mass support and sustainability, and now Taylor is asking him and his Government to give more than the duty-free concessions that was promised.

“Most of the things we need now are right here, so what we really need is money,” expressed Taylor stating that he was anxious to see the work continue and the centre completed and fulfilling its purpose.

Taylor told SEARCHLIGHT that despite the very limited resources the YFC continues to function with flying colours. Events like “Worship in the City,” the annual Praise and Prayer session held every February for the last three years continue to attract crowds upward of 5,000. Also the 35-year-long running Genesis thanksgiving concert has become a mainstay event here every New Year’s morning.

“We just had “Discover Jesus” rallies from Sandy Bay to Fancy and saw youths come to know Jesus,” expressed the elated Taylor who is himself a former calypsonian, now a Christian recording artist. “We also hosted a rally last month in Layou.”

The organization is still attracting a wide scope of volunteers and is seeking to work closer with the youth ministries of various churches to get them on board with Youth for Christ to work together to fulfil their mandate of seeing youths’ lives changed and converted to Christ. They currently have 50 active but 100 registered volunteers.

Despite all the challenges Taylor remains convinced that Youth for Christ will continue to do what God has called the organization to do. They are currently looking forward to welcoming a 51-member missionary team from the USA to carry on work on the centre.