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Shortage of support to serve aging folks

Shortage of support to serve aging folks


In North America and other European Countries there is tremendous evidence to suggest that there is an acute shortage of professional front line Personal Support Workers to serve their aging populations.

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Caregiver Training College (SVGCTC) was established to produce Certified Personal Support Workers/Caregivers to satisfy the needs of the North American and European markets.{{more}}

According to Executive Director, Judith Murray, the college aims “to provide excellence in training so that our graduates can give total support, physical and emotional to families who are in need of professional, trusting and caring attention for their loved ones.”

Murray said that the training provided addresses the urgent need for creating meaningful employment opportunities for Vincentians and other Caricom nationals, thus reducing the high refugee and unemployment situation we face at present and providing economic returns by way of remittances.

The programme is administered jointly by the Canadian Government, Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) under the foreign workers programme for Live in Caregivers.

An obviously delighted Murray told Searchlight on Wednesday that the SVG Caregiver Training College had successfully placed over 80% of their graduates abroad and is now in its 3rd, successful year.