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‘Okella’ brings in the largest catch

‘Okella’ brings in the largest catch


Okell McCree is owner of a 25-foot pirogue with a 75 HP engine called Okella. That boat, captained by Glenroy Payne with crew member Kenny Bushay returned the heaviest catch for 2006: 7,772 pounds. Payne received the Fisherman of the Year award at the prize giving function held to wind up the month of activities at the Calliaqua Playing Field last Monday June 5. His prize included a 75 HP engine.

McCree is vowing not to take part in Fisherman’s Day activities unless the format reverts to one day. He is happy to be in winning circles again this year, but he has doubts.{{more}}

“This is the last competition I am taking part in. It is too harassing and too expensive,” McCree said.

He cited difficulty in getting his catches sold. He mentioned that he had to corn some and give away some.

That’s the harassing aspect, but that is not his only worry. He stated that he “spent almost $5,000 in gas.”

“We decide this is the last year,” McCree said.

“We wish the Fisherman competition could be for one day,” McCree stated.

“Leh dey bring it back to one day,” he added. McCree is the father of two children and originates from the Calliaqua district.

Fishing has been a life long occupation. He confessed to having come from a fishing family.

Leslie Straker, Fisheries Officer acknowledged McCree’s concern about the cost of supplying fuel over the two-week competition period. He spoke of the method employed in the sort of fishing activity described as “trolling,” which entails a lot of activity.

“They consume a lot of gas,” Straker conceded, and added, “the hike in price didn’t help either.”

McCree’s boat captain Payne also from Calliaqua, is an experienced fisherman. He started fishing from age 10, and at 54, seems to be getting into stride.

Most of the fish was caught off the southern Grenadine Island of Canouan. The haul included dolphin, bonita, skipjacks and blem.

Jerry Jack with his crew in the boat Genesis took the second spot with 6,135 pounds for a $1,000 prize. In third position was Robert McVane in the boat God Provides. They hauled 5,762 pounds for their $600.00 prize.