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Hazelwood gets new engine for ‘Bird watching’

Hazelwood gets new engine for ‘Bird watching’


Leslie Hazelwood seems to have developed some skill as fisherman. He will receive a 25 HP engine as a prize for the fourth time in his career. The latest one came last Monday at Fisherman’s Day. He pulled in 1,906 pounds in his boat Bird Watch.

He beat Winston Hazelwood in Fish Finder who gathered 1,339 pounds. Winston took home $500.00. William Dabreo in Williann received $300.00 for the 835 pounds he captured.{{more}}

Allan Brooker whose 332 heads was the largest number of fish in Class Two was first in that division. Winston Hazelwood was second with 63 heads and Carl McInness in the boat Carl 126 was third with 20 heads. Winston Hazelwood had the heaviest single catch with a 15 pounder, beating Carl McInness and Allan Brooker.

John Renton in Bird Watch collected $400 for his 105 pounds. He also had the heaviest single catch of ten pounds for $100. Augustine Warner in his boat Daily Bread had the second heaviest catch for $200.00. Hallam Daize in Sea Breeze took third with 20 pounds. He was second in the single catch with a six-pound fish for $75.00.