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Vincentians learn about Japan lifestyle

Vincentians learn about Japan lifestyle


Vincentians have a better appreciation of the Japanese way of life. That came after two days of exposure to things Japanese. Last Friday and Saturday, Vincentians and indeed anyone interested had a taste of life from the Land of the Rising sun.

The Japanese population here, numbering about 15, came together to put their country in the spotlight.{{more}}

The majority of Japanese living here are attached to the Overseas Volunteer programme. Mariko Sakuma, one such volunteer, declared that “things have gone very well.” She was surprised at the number of persons who visited the function, and she plans to “continue every year.”

Sakuma is based in the Central Leeward Town of Barrouallie where the Black Fish industry has become a way of life. She mentioned that Black fish done Japanese style was well received by the crowd. “People loved it,” Sakuma said.

There was deep fried marinated black fish, simmered chicken

wings and eddo, fish cake, and those interested in health issues could have had their weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked.

Other aspects of Japanese art including Origami, otherwise known as pretty paper folding; movies and karate formed part of the display.

Sakuma disclosed that the calligraphy created some interest among persons who visited the event. “People interested in calligraphy. They enjoyed it very much,” she stated.

Some members of the Japanese entourage were dressed in traditional Japanese Summer wear that aroused some interest in those who visited.

The event took place at the Fish Market in Kingstown and came during the month of celebrations marking Fisherman’s Day.