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Spiritual Baptists shake up Victoria Park

Spiritual Baptists shake up Victoria Park


Marching from the Peace Memorial Hall to the Victoria Park, Spiritual Baptist followers, with every step, were summoned to shake up and liberate themselves.

This was in celebration of their 55th anniversary of freedom to worship in public under the theme, “Liberation by Grace Through Faith.”

Expressing that he was pleased that the divisions in the Spiritual Baptist Church were now healed and the organisation was now speaking as one, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves noted that the faith had experienced tremendous rocky times.{{more}}

He reflected on events when the colonialists prohibited the Spiritual Baptists from practicing their religion more than 55 years ago and said that he was honoured to help “put the icing on the cake” and see the Bill pass in parliament for the Spiritual Baptist Recognition Day which became law in 2002.

While the Prime Minister noted that there were many stalwarts who toiled for the rights of Spiritual Baptists, he noted that none has been more prominent than former Attorney General and former Deputy Prime Minister Parnel Campbell QC.

Praising Campbell, Dr. Gonsalves revealed, “Reverend Campbell worked on behalf of the Spiritual Baptists for their recognition…I don’t know of anyone who has raised the public prestige and recognition of Spiritual Baptists like Campbell.”

The Prime Minister also stated that while Campbell was too modest to take credit, he had to shower him with this accolade and described him as being in line with people like George Mc Intosh, Milton Cato and Ebeneezer Joshua who fought for the liberation of people.

He said that the “long nights of weeping” for the Spiritual Baptists was now over and today with their freedom they have become one of the fastest growing religions in the country.

He chanted, “The Spiritual Baptist faith connects with the soul and spirit of the people of SVG…so let’s shake up the place. Today is a day of celebration so let’s sing one or two sanky, which is good for the soul, and liven up the place!”

Also urging Spiritual Baptists to liberate themselves from any bondage was Bishop Devon Ollivierre as he delivered the sermon.

Bishop Ollivierre preached, “Liberation is achieved when we accept the conditions of liberty…if you are not liberated in Christ you are still under bondage. No man hinders you; do not attribute your failure or success to yourself, but to God.”

The man of the cloth called on the flock to think more about God than about themselves and stressed that when this is done, divisions and strife will cease.

He said instead of fearing people, the church should fear God who could destroy both soul and body. He called on Spiritual Baptists to let their lives be a testimony of the light of God filled with righteousness and called on followers to admonish those who were doing wrong.

Occasionally speaking in tongues, Bishop Ollivierre proclaimed, “When you do this you will meet opposition; instead of getting hurt, lift your head to the sky. It is time for Baptists to hear the voice of the Lord and awake!”

The four major Spiritual Baptist assemblies – The Spiritual Baptist Archdiocese of SVG under Archbishop Cosmore M .Pompey, The Spiritual Baptist Organization with Bishop Devon Olliverre at its helm, Mount Carmel Archdiocese of SVG Inc. and the Mount Halibeth Church of the Epiphany lead by Archbishop Johonny Jones and Bishop Mary Bonadie respectively – joined together for the celebration which was punctuated with some earth moving spiritual melodies and greetings from government ministers and other ministers of the Christian faith.