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‘Nation building not a spectator sport’

‘Nation building not a spectator sport’


“There is no way this group of recycled rejects and reprobates could ever get your vote in this country.” These razor sharp words were those of Camillo Gonsalves as he delivered the feature address at the Unity Labour Party Youth Convention held last Sunday, May 21 at the North Union Secondary School.

Addressing the theme “Creating Possibilities, Improving Independence Through Participation”, the young lawyer sounded as though he was in election campaign form. He referred to the New Democratic Party as a dead party that ignored youths for the 17 years they were in power. “For 17 years young people were marginalized and pushed aside,” stated Gonsalves.{{more}}

Camillo, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves’ eldest son, challenged the hundreds of youths to become more active participants in nation building. “Nation building is not a spectator sport, and a nation cannot build its self,” he quipped. He told those gathered that participation must be more than voting every five years. “If all you do is vote every five years then you can’t call yourself a progressive youth in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Gonsalves was in high praise of the youths for their work in securing their party’s victory in last December’s general election. He told the enthusiastic gathering that their support for the Unity Labour Party worries the NDP. He suggested that the NDP is not interested in youths but rather in a useless attempt to get their votes.