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Literacy programme launched at Sion Hill



The Literacy Faculty of Sion Hill Government School launched its literacy programme on Wednesday, May 24.

The programme seeks to identify and address low levels of achievement in reading, and when such students are diagnosed, adequate intervention is taken to arrest the problem.{{more}}

The goals of the programme are to ensure that all students of the school are able to read at or above their grade level; to provide optimal opportunities and support for the students to improve their reading levels; and to generate a considerable degree of enthusiasm among students to become motivated to equip themselves with the skill of reading.

The Sion Hill Government School is one of six schools here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines involved in a pilot study of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training (CCETT). The school continues to benefit from this United States initiative in terms of training for teachers, and the supply of reading literature and reading material for students.

The launching of the literacy programme is part of a week of activities that ends today with a reading competition.