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Girlfriend: Keno was my hand and foot

Girlfriend: Keno was my hand and foot


“I wish I had let him follow his mind,” were the heart wrenching words of Daniella Williams when she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday 23, after she witnessed the tragic death of her boyfriend of three years Keno Mayers earlier that day.

Mayers was struck by a jeep driven by Community College student Cauldric David while he was on his way to a nearby beach with his girlfriend and one of her relatives visiting from the US.{{more}}

Daniella, still visibly shaken by the events of that nightmarish day told SEARCHLIGHT that he wasn’t up to making the trip but it was she who convinced Keno to take her and her cousin, Towana Mc Innis, to the beach so that she, Towana, could enjoy a “sea soak” before returning to America. She had come to St. Vincent to attend the funeral of an uncle who was buried the previous day.

The distraught young lady who said that she and Keno’s three years together were great said that she remembered Keno, the love of her life, feeling a bit upset after the van ride from town. She recalled with tears in her eyes that after she heard the impact of the accident, she and Towana ran towards the nearby wall for cover. The vehicle that struck Keno had collided with another jeep, driven by Anthony Marks just before hitting him.

Daniella told SEARCHLIGHT that when she instantly looked back for Keno she saw in horror his body in full flight and her heart immediately sank as he dropped lifelessly on the ground. “I ran to him and took his pulse and it was weak.”

According to Daniella, although people were rushing over to see what had happened, no one heeded her desperate call for him to be taken to the hospital as they were content to just call the ambulance. Facing the reality that he might have died anyway, Daniella told SEARCHLIGHT that she believed that someone should have been more proactive and tried to get him to the hospital to give him any chance, however slim, to live.

“He was my hand and foot, I don’t know how I am going to live without him,” declared Daniella with a sharp sigh of resignation. When SEARCHLIGHT spoke to Dean Mayers, Keno’s only brother, he said that life will not be the same without his brother. “We always liming together and spending time with each other. We were cool.”

Dean told SEARCHLIGHT that he knows that his brother loved the beach and often went with his girlfriend and he is shocked and broken hearted having to deal with his brother’s sudden demise. Their mother Patsy and sisters all live in Trinidad.

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding the accident were ongoing and by press time Wednesday, May 24, no formal charges had been laid. The family of the deceased hopes to bury him on Sunday, May 28, and at press time was awaiting the release of his body by the authorities.