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Customers rewarded at C&W Appreciation Day

Customers rewarded at C&W Appreciation Day



Cable & Wireless hosted their customer appreciation day in conjunction with Vita Malt Plus from the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd. and Sprott Brothers Distributors. On Friday, May 19, customers coming into the main branch of Cable & Wireless were greeted with gifts, snacks and a wide array of tokens of appreciation.

The “Pick your discount and Zero your balance” promotion also ended on Friday, and a number of lucky persons had their bills paid in full by Cable & Wireless.{{more}}

“Remarkable, simply remarkable!” exclaimed an elderly customer, Mills Jacobs, as he was ushered to a senior citizens line and later asked to pick a discount which gave him 25 percent off his bill. “I have been with Cable & Wireless for over 20 years and today I really feel that my support throughout the years is validated.”

“This venture exhibits our commitment to customer service,” remarked Daphne Deane, customer service manager for Cable & Wireless. She went on to state that, “We encourage our customers to come out and zero their balance for they never know what we would have in store for them on a day-to-day basis.”