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NDP seeking better relations with media

NDP seeking better relations with media


The New Democratic Party (NDP) is not seeking partisan support from the media but is rather challenging the media to make sure that they do “unbiased, balanced, and analytical reporting.” This is according to party President and Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace.

Eustace was speaking at a media luncheon hosted last Thursday 11, by the NDP at the Lime ‘N Pub restaurant at Villa. Eustace told the wide cross section of media representatives that their role was crucial to the deepening of our nation’s democracy and the protection of our fundamental rights.{{more}}

According to Eustace the luncheon was a first step towards improving the party’s, and more specifically his, accessibility to the media both locally and abroad. He said that although he understands that privately owned media houses’ owners may have their political biases, he expected the media to still be professional.

“This is no bribe from the NDP,” stated Eustace as he explained that the findings, coming out of retreats that the party hosted, show a need for an improvement in their relationship with the media, “Not to get the media to vote NDP but get the media to understand NDP’s message.”