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Ministry of Education looking towards pre-school education

Ministry of Education looking towards pre-school education


The Ministry of Education is committed to the strengthening of the pre-schools in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is working hard towards making universal pre-school education for Vincentian children a reality by 2010.

In a press conference held last Monday 15, the Education Ministry’s top brass including Minister Girlyn Miguel, Permanent Secretary Laura Browne, Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan and her deputy Luis DeShong gathered to address the media in relation to Child Month which is being celebrated this month, and matters regarding pre-school education.{{more}}

Expressing satisfaction with the Government’s achievement of universal education on September 5, 2005, Minister Miguel told the media that they are moving full steam ahead to make this “education revolution”, spread its wings into the pre-school sector. “In 2006 we are hoping to extend and deepen the many sided education revolution,” stated the minister. Presently 30 percent of rural children have little or no access to pre-school education.

She said that the Government is working with the Pre-School Services Committee towards the developing and refining of a curriculum that is coherent and consistent with the achievement target and learning outcome of the National Curriculum and Assessment framework policy.

Minister Miguel further stated that plans are on the way and legislation is being drafted to facilitate the implementation of a minimum standard for all pre-schools. This standard will incorporate the structure and surroundings of pre-schools; their programme content, development progress of children and the educational level of the staffs.

In relation to Child Month, the various zones, eight in all, were expected to host several rallies and other activities including a church service for the blessing of Child Month. Other activities including health education and parent training were also organized in the various zones.

A march and rally beginning at the Central Market and ending at Victoria Park were to have been held yesterday. Children were also to visit the kindergarten classes that they will attend in the new school year to get familiar with their new teachers and surroundings.