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‘Concentrate on crime prevention’

‘Concentrate on crime prevention’


The Opposition New Democratic Party believes that funding must be made available to Sunday schools where necessary, as part of the nation’s crime prevention strategy. Declaring his party’s concern about the heinous crimes being committed, party President Arnhim Eustace said that the nation must concentrate on crime prevention.

Speaking at a recently held media luncheon, Eustace identified the deterioration of the values system that the nation once held, as a key contributor to the escalating crime problem.{{more}}

Eustace told those gathered that as was recommended to the Government in the Social Redemption Charter, his party believes that support must be given to church Sunday school, Boys Scouts, Girl Guides, Path Finders and other such groups as part of the crime prevention strategy.

“If Sunday schools need projectors or whatever it is that is needed, you have an allocation where you could assist in those cases because we know that the kind of values that are instilled are critical to the development of the youths,” stated Eustace who also highlighted the economic performance of the country and job layoffs as contributing factors to the crime situation.

In relation to the case of the murdered press secretary and personal aide to the Prime Minister, Glenn Jackson, Eustace said that he is prepared to give the law authorities time to do their work. “I am prepared to await the outcome of their work.” Eustace, however, stated that he believes that the nation is critically interested in the matter.

Francis “Prickle” Williams of Sion Hill has been charged with Jackson’s murder and appeared before Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman on May 2. The 23-year-old young man was remanded into custody until Monday, July 24, when the Preliminary Inquiry is set to begin.