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Charles family’s back with new theme

Charles family’s back with new theme



Dennis and Anita Charles announced on Monday that they will be visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the month of June to plan for the annual Vincentian Christian Intervention (VINCI) event. The theme of this year’s event will be “Christianize the Culture.” VINCI 2005 with its theme “Taking it Back” was held at the Arnos Vale Net Ball Complex.{{more}}

According to the release, Dennis and Anita Charles, who operate under the auspices of Anita Charles Ministries, will be holding a leader’s meeting at the Peace Memorial Hall on Friday, June 2, so that participants can share their views, ideas and comments on this upcoming event. Pastors and their wives, deacons and their wives, Sunday school teachers, and other interested persons are invited to attend.

VINCI 2006 “Christianize the Culture” will be held at the Victoria Park on June 17, and will be complemented by a motorcade.