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Read-a-thon at Calliaqua

Read-a-thon at Calliaqua


If you have books or other reading material at your disposal, and you are not sure what to do with them, you can donate them to the Calliaqua Anglican School. The staff and students will be happy to put them to good use. They have a vibrant literacy programme, and with the inspiration of teacher Anna Barnwell-Primus, interest in reading at the school has grown tremendously.

The school has a library, and emphasis is also placed on the establishment of class libraries.

That operation was highlighted last Tuesday when the school held an award function for its first ever Read-a-thon. Principal Yvette Bowens praised the efforts undertaken to encourage reading at the school, and she is hoping that the staff accomplishes their mission of ensuring that every child who leaves the Calliaqua Anglican School can read.

The school’s environment was rendered appropriate for the occasion. There were posters on the walls outside with slogans like: “Reading is good, reading is fun, reading is good for everyone,’; “Reading is the gateway to success,” and advice about “Plan prewriting,” and “Do drafting.”

According to Bowens, the Reading Harvest Award was “aimed at enhancing the reading skills at the school.”{{more}}

The impact may not be seen immediately, but the idea of instilling the discipline into the youngsters will benefit not just the children but the nation overall.

“We cannot allow any child leaving our institution unable to read,” Bowens said in her welcoming address. She encouraged students to continue to read and disclosed, “If you are to be better readers, you must continue to read.”

Education Officer Sylvia Sayers echoed Bowens’ sentiments. She pointed out that, “Being able to read well will improve performances in all the other subjects.”

Sayers commended the staff on their initiative and highlighted those in the reading faculty. She outlined government’s support for education. The Education Ministry official expressed the hope that the reading programme would help with the school’s literacy level. She warned the students that their interest in reading must not end with the presentation, but reminded them to “continue to read as much as you can.

“Make reading an important part of your life and help to eradicate illiteracy among nation’s youths,” Sayers asked.