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Operation Mop Up for Literacy Crusade


Activities that will take the National Literacy Crusade to another level will be executed during the month of May.

The plans are being termed “Operation Mop Up” and will see the crusaders embarking on a second wave of field mobilization and sensitization in various areas of the country.{{more}}

This phase focuses on reaching “hard areas” that have not yet fallen into the grips of the National Literacy Crusade.

Members of the National Literacy Crusade head office, zonal coordinators, mobilizers and facilitators throughout the country will travel to the various zones and will speak one-on-one to targeted persons. Following these meetings, rallies will be held in the respective places.

Operation Mop up got on its way in zone 9, Bequia, on Sunday the 7th May. A march, rally and church service marked the official programme. Area parliamentary representative Hon. Godwin Friday and the Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs, Herman Belmar gave their blessing to the programme. Addresses were also given by National Literacy Director Hugh Wyllie, Zonal Coordinator of Zone 9 Yvette Bentick and local programme organizer Terah Smith.

Several zonal coordinators, senior office staff and learners journeyed to Bequia to participate with their counterparts. Operation Mop up will continue throughout the month of May and will culminate in early June.