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Nokia brings cheer to Canouan Schools

Nokia brings cheer to Canouan Schools



The students and staff of the Canouan Government School, Love and Care Pre-school, and Canouan Pre-school are more than excited about the recent additions to their learning environment.

On Wednesday, April 26, 40 members of the 2005 NOKIA CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE who were visiting Canouan from Australia, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Canada, and the United States visited the schools to present over 500 books,including teacher resource books and story books, games, and interactive educational toys. {{more}} The educational materials collected by the CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE members and their families have a total value of about US$5,000.

“The island of Canouan and its people are beautiful and we are honoured to be here to support the children by donating these books,” said David Petts, Senior Vice-President, NOKIA Enterprise Solutions. The students and teachers were particularly overwhelmed by the display of colourful and attractive books and responded to this tangible expression of generosity in words and song. In addition to making the presentation, the group spent the entire morning reading to the children,telling them about the various countries from which they came and even endured a friendly cricket match.

Organised and hosted by the Canouan Resorts Development Group of Companies and NOKIA Enterprise Solutions, the event to help support the Canouan Island schools’ reading and literacy programmes was considered a most memorable event. The book donation project originated when Petts expressed interest in having the visiting group participate in a community venture while on Canouan Island. CRD Ltd. advised them of the reading and literacy programme it has spearheaded on the island and suggested a donation of educational material for the schools.

Representing CRD LTD., Iva-Lisa Mendes thanked the group for their efforts to encourage a love of reading among the school children of Canouan and assured them that the reading programme will be continued.

The previous Sunday evening, the group had the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

During an informal get together, they interacted with artistes Agenta Nanton, Victoria Dolben, Whitfield Laidlow and Lennox “Dinx” Johnson and Vincentian historian Dr. Adrian Fraser all of whom had been specially invited by Raffles Resort Canouan.