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14 new recruits off to Britain



Fourteen out of 95 new recruits to the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy left the country last Thursday after eight months of training.

The new recruits will be heading to various locations in the UK to complete the next stage of their testing which will include interviews, medicals, and physical examinations.{{more}}

Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade, Earl Paynter, stated that the group has been briefed on what to expect on arrival in the UK. He further stated that the recruits have been given a specially prepared packet, which contains information such as how to contact the office of the Vincentian High Commissioner and various Vincentian groups.

The remaining recruits will leave the state in groups of about ten persons over the next six to seven months.

About 450 Vincentians have been recruited to join the Royal Army, Navy and Marines since the year 2000.