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Arnold gets funny feelings

Arnold gets funny feelings


Arnold McIntosh is a member of the famous family, known for their contribution to the social transformation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

George McIntosh is seriously being considered for the honour of national hero.

Even today, George McIntosh stands out as one of the dominant figures in the 1935 riots, and his name has become synonymous with this country’s struggle for universal adult suffrage achieved in 1951.{{more}}

On another sphere, when one talks about music in SVG, the name McIntosh comes to mind. Perhaps Frankie McIntosh may stand out, but numerous others in that family hold their own in the musical circles.

Syl and Ardon, maintain the family’s reputation in music. And so too does Arnold. He played drums with the Blue Rhythm Orchestra, one of the leading musical bands here during the late sixties.

Arnold McIntosh left these shores in 1979. By then his exploits in the musical arena were well known.

Inevitably, Arnold continued his role as a musician in his adopted land of Canada. Since his migration, Arnold has returned home twice. The first occasion was for a family reunion in 1984.

He returned home two weeks ago, and expressed surprise at the changes he has seen.

“It’s strange,” he said. Born in the area of Paul’s Avenue in the heart of capital City Kingstown, Arnold’s former residence has been consumed by commercial changes. The spot where his residence stood has become part of a large hardware establishment.

“It feels funny to see where I used to live just gone,” Arnold said.

Besides the Blue Rhythm Orchestra, Arnold formed his own band called Psychedelics, after also keeping the rhythm section for outfits like New Generation and Revolution.

Music is all Arnold knows and he has his own band in Canada called ‘Tempo.’

This includes Steel pan, bass guitar, and guitar, with Arnold on drums.

It will be a short time for Arnold to readjust as his stint in St. Vincent ends in less than one week.