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$25,000 in learning materials for National Literacy Crusade

$25,000 in learning materials for National Literacy Crusade


The National Literacy Crusade is now armed with US$25,000 worth of learning materials for adult education in this country.

The donation was made by Director of the Eastern Caribbean Bible Society, Owen Williams and President of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Evangelical Association, John Lewis on Wednesday April 19 at the literacy headquarters.{{more}}

Describing himself as the “General” in the fight against illiteracy, Director of the National Literacy Crusade, Hugh Wyllie said that the God was interested in literacy, hence his gift to the world of the Bible which is made up of 66 books. He called on his co-workers whom he referred to as soldiers in the field to press forward in making the country literate.

Wyllie however sadly interjected that there were persons in what he described as “high places” who would love to see the programme end.

He chided, “It will not stop! We know God is in charge and there are 2,500 learners across the country in 10 zones eager to learn and we can not abandon them.”

Meanwhile President of the Evangelical Association, John Lewis who spearheaded the donation of books and learning materials admitted that the Literacy Crusade was also needed in the churches.

Lewis revealed that many church going people, even on the pulpit did not know how to read and relied on good memory power to quote the Bible. He noted that the partnership between the National Literacy Crusade and the Eastern Caribbean Bible Society would be beneficial to all.

Director of the Eastern Caribbean Bible Society Owen Williams commended the local persons involved in the getting the learning materials to the country for their commitment to education.

He noted that Christianity was more than just handing out Bibles and tracts, but was also about helping people acquire the skills needed to earn a living and survive in the real world.

He mentioned that funding for the books came from the Australian Bible Society, while the Books themselves were derived from the American Bible Society. They are comprehensive learning materials that teach adult learners in 90 lessons not only how to read, but about scripture from the Bible.