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Rotary Club mentors students


End-of-Term is not normally a studious time, but a number of Community College Students are proving their commitment to their studies.

They have enrolled in the Rotary Club of St. Vincent’s Mentoring program, which is part of the Rotary Club’s Vocational Service plans. {{more}}

On Thursday, April 6, some 25 students were convened by Clare John, for initial meetings with a number of Rotarian Mentors.

Vocational Service Director Floyd Patterson welcomed the students, and explained the aim of this important program.

He then introduced the Rotarians who were present and Rotarians Don Providence, Simeon Norton, and Joe Sheridan spoke briefly with the entire group, encouraging them to strive for success, and not be distracted or discouraged.The Students were certainly captivated by the experience of some of the presenters.

Mentoring then commenced in earnest as smaller groups met with their individual “Mentors” who drew on their own experiences to guide their groups. It ws a pleasant surprise to learn that some groups had already “drawn up” their own study schedules for the Easter Holiday period,thereby ensuring that this program is off to an impressive start.

Regular meetings will now follow, between the Rotarians and their youthful charges, to ensure steady progress with their studies and their aspirations.

The Rotary Club of St Vincent was chartered in 1971 and its Rotarians have been placing “Service above Self” for the past 35 years.